Are you an Entrepreneur or Creative Minded Person

who is looking for a ROOM or an APARTMENT in Palma de Mallorca?


Tell me, and be honest, are you a person who has something extraordinary? Are you a story-teller, future visualizer, creative intelligent, trend and style feeler? that one who is an iconic person, revolutionary and thinking not only about himself but about different cultures, mother earth and how we can leave this world better as it is now…


It is you, so we have right HOME for you.


We well designed and equipped few apartments in the old town of Palma de Mallorca and London.


Apartments are full of elegance, brightness, and cosiness. 

All Art & Design Objects are original pieces  You will be feeling if you are at the art gallery.

Let us shortly introduce our creative TEAM AND VISION of The HATS club and smart home. 

We are a small team of four and each of us is from the different fields: design, performing arts and business. With this collaboration, we always like to introduce new concepts and innovative visions of the daily life. If we wouldn’t put our essence in what we are doing, we won’t be able to see the reason for it.

That’s why our biggest aim is to launch the fund to increase the value of creative intellect.  


What does it mean? 

It means that 10 % of our profit we want to contribute to Creative Minded Initiatives and Talents

to facilitate their ideas and bring them to being.

Our partnership aims to produce new connections, solutions and inspiring results for the next generation.


The hats club, smart home & business accelerator

is an unfinished and always developing philosophy of life – a collection of concepts which needed to be grown up to a fund.  Places for locals to love and guest to discover. 

We not just taking your money, but we also happy to grow together, our mentors will advise and help your business too.


We look forward to welcoming you and guiding through the new experience and empathy.

Always feel free to ask our professional advice.